Arab Organization for Human Rights


The AOHR or Arab Organization for Human Rights is an NGO or Non-Governmental Organization which is working on the issues regarding human rights particularly in Arab World. This organization started in 1993 along with the resolution agreed in Hammamet, Tunisia. One of the founders of this organization is Burhan Ghalioun. The general assembly of AOHR is usually held every 3 years, while the organization’s Board of Trustees is meeting each other yearly. The Board of Trustees is composed of 2o members wherein 20 of them are chosen and elected while the 5 members are all appointed by Arab Organization for Human Rights.

More about AOHR

Arab World’s free prisoner

This organization for human rights is aiming to provide the Arab citizens with easy life and way of living. They also want these citizens to learn and be confident in defending themselves. The organization wants the Arab citizens to be brave enough especially in fighting for their rights and defend their lives against persecution and torture. The Arab Organization for Human Rights is continuously implementing missions especially to Arab World’s free prisoner.

This organization also provides the assurance that all the residents and citizens in the Arab World will be respected and will be given importance as a human. AOHR also ensures the residents and citizens that will attain the freedom that they want for their lives. They also want to defend and protect them from being exposed to any violations, which are not accepted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenant on Civil and Politics Rights, and International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights.

Arab Organizations for Human Right is also exerting more effort despite of the political consideration in order to obtain the freedom for the imprisoned and detained individuals. They are also there to provide support and assistance to individuals who are deprived of the freedom they are entitled with as well as those who are suffering from coercion because of their political convictions and beliefs and for any other reason such as language, sex, race or color. If you have encountered issues wherein you think that your rights are not given importance, expect that AOHR will provide you the assistance that you need. They will support all you the way.

AOHR will be at your side if in case you have faced a case however fair trial is not guaranteed to you, they will help you in protesting for that issue in a safe and legal manner. You will be provided with necessary legal assistance to ensure that you will get what is supposed to be yours. Their organization is also capable of communicating with their clients, for instance, they will communicate with you if there are improvements regarding the state of detainees of conscience. They are also willing to work and serve you in order to attain the amnesty you want if in case you are sentenced due to political reasons. The goals of Arab Organization for Human Rights also encompass activities like documenting, training and educating persons about issues and importance of human rights.

Seminars and conferences

AOHR organize seminars

AOHR always make sure that they are able to carry out their field missions effectively in order to release the political prisoners, wherein other acts as observer while others act as one of the members of defence panel. This organization receives complaints coming from organizations, groups and individuals and connects with relevant and concerned authorities. Aside from providing legal assistance in various cases, this organization is also offering financial assistance especially to the families of the victims. Also, in connection and coordination with Arab Lawyers Union, the organization has launched the campaign about Prisoners of Conscience of Arab World. AOHR is also organizing seminars and conferences. The UNESCO said that it is very instrumental to set up Arab Institute for Human Rights in Tunisia in cooperation with Tunisian League for the Defence of Human Rights, Arab Lawyers Union and support from the Center for Human Rights in United Nations in UN.


The Report about Palestinian Authority

Suffering from tortures

Arab Organization for Human Rights has publicized a report which accuses the PA (Palestinian Authority) of “inhumane practices and human rights violations” against the Palestinian civilians in December 2012. The AOHR has alleged this report from 2007 to 2011 and so because of that, the Palestinian Authority has detained a total of 13,271 Palestinians, and about 96 percent of them have suffered from tortures, which resulted to the death of six Palestinians. The report about PA claims that the enforcement of the PA law has attacked hospitals, universities and houses just to arrest the individuals who are protesting or complaining against the occupation of the Israeli. The report about Palestinian Authority has also claimed that after the officers of PA have arrested the suspects, they have also confiscated not only equipment but also personal cash.

Since Arab Organizations for Human Rights only want what is best and right for the humans, you are rest assured that you will receive the freedom, respect and liberty that you deserve. This organization will make sure that you will not be deprived of the things that are supposed to be yours. Calling for their attention, support and assistance gives you the chance to have a better life with nothing to worry about when it comes to the violation of your rights. AOHR ensures you that you and your family are protected, treated and respected fairly despite of your race, background, color, beliefs, cultures and others. As they believe that no one has the right to take away things, materials or not, from you without relevant or valid reason.